Hi, welcome to my blog!! My name is Trinity I’m 19, and I have celiac disease. While recovering from celiac disease, I realized how hard it was to adapt to a gluten-free lifestyle. You don’t just change what you eat, you change your entire way of life. You have to look at the ingredients in things like makeup, skincare, hair care, dish soap, laundry soap, and so much more. I made this blog to help others learn how to navigate living a gluten-free lifestyle. I will be sharing recipes, my favorite products, talk about my journey with celiac disease, and I will also be sharing my favorite books and authors. I named this blog after my dog Daisy, she’s in the picture above. She’s been a huge, amazing part of my life, so you will see a lot about her on here. I post a lot of pictures of her on my Instagram @muttsanddaisies.