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Hi, welcome to my blog!! My name is Trinity, I’m 18 years old, and I have celiac disease. Some of my favorite things are: cooking, baking, reading, music, painting, and spending time with my incredible animals.  My journey with Celiac disease so far has been a challenge, but it has introduced me to a whole new way of interacting with everything in the world around me; food, makeup, shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap, vitamins, supplements, stress, fun, my family, my horse, my dog and really everything in my life, but I am on the mend!  Through my transformation, I have learned a lot or really successful things and have also learned the incredible healing power that the love of an animal can bring into a very challenged life.

Through this Blog, my goal is to share all that I have learned and the great solutions that are out there for the over 3 million people people in the United States alone who suffer from Celiac disease.  This Blog is also dedicated to sharing my wonderful world of Fiction books and authors and the incredible healing experiences that I and others have received from our incredible animals.