Jolly Llama Ice Cream Review

IMG_3811If you know anything about me, then you know I love ice cream. There is just something so refreshing about it, and since I pretty much don’t eat dairy, I wanted to find some good alternatives. I love the cashew milk ice cream from So Delicious, but I wanted to find some good ice cream cones and sandwiches. I tried Jolly Llama which is both gluten-free and vegan. I have tried 3 of their products, the two ice cream cones in Vanilla Fudge Sundae and Caramel Chocolate Chip and their Cool Mint Chip ice cream sandwich.



I loved the vanilla cone, it has a nice layer of chocolate on the top and mini chocolate chips. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, it had a nice balance between the chocolate and the vanilla. The cone is amazing considering it’s gluten-free, some gluten-free cones tend to seem a little stale, and this wasn’t like that at all. It has a nice crunch to it, but it wasn’t crumbly. It has also has a nice layer of chocolate coating the inside of the cone. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Caramel Chocolate Chip cone, it was a little to sweet for me, but if you like your ice cream to be sweeter, this would be perfect for you. The Mint Chip sandwich was amazing!! Mint Chip ice cream has always been one of my favorites, and this was so good I almost forgot it was dairy free. Overall I would give Jolly Llama a 10/10. If you’re looking for a good dairy and gluten-free alternative to ice cream cones and sandwiches, I would definitely give them a try.

So Delicious Dairy Free Cashew Milk Ice Cream Review


When I had to go gluten-free and then decided to go mostly dairy-free, I knew I had to find a delicious alternative to my favorite dessert, ice cream. I haven’t tried very many vegan ice cream’s, but so far my favorite are the So Delicious cashew milk ones. Most of the So Delicious ice cream products are also gluten-free, so if your like me and need to eat gluten and dairy free, this is a great option. Just make sure it says gluten-free on it before purchasing.  My favorite flavor from their cashew milk ice cream, is the salted caramel cluster.  The cashew milk gives this a creaminess similar to dairy ice cream, and it has a nice combination of cashew bits, chocolate, and caramel.IMG_2868

My favorite way to eat this is with chocolate syrup, I use Hershey’s which is surprisingly both vegan and gluten-free. I know it’s not the healthiest, but it’s delicious, and ice cream is a treat. This is also great with vegan whipped cream, my favorite is the Reddi-wip almond milk whipped cream. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so this is a great alternative. Once you’ve added your toppings all you have to do it enjoy!